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Truck Repair Service Shop in Lakeland, FL

Truck Service USA is always ready to make sure your diesel truck is ready for the rough roads ahead. Regular maintenance is essential for trouble-free driving.

Diesels don't require repair as often as gasoline engines, but when there's trouble, it can be a lot more expensive. The most important step a driver can take to avoid an unnecessary and costly repair is to have it serviced and receive a DOT inspection on schedule without fail.

Sometimes, a truck oil change is the difference between smooth operation and a seized engine. Our technicians will make sure your vehicle is properly serviced and maintained. We are experts in welding and other repairs.

Our diesel truck repair shop can handle nearly any repair. If your truck is inoperative, just call 863-669-9080 for 24-hour road side service and towing. Once we get it into our shop, we'll give you a clear, concise report complete with a written estimate.
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